Make the Aran Islands your staycation destination for 2023!

Travel West to Galway Bay and find yourself at the gateway to the Aran Islands. A totally different world awaits you on the three islands. With lots to do and lots to see, visiting the Aran Islands has to be on your bucket list for 2023!

Aran Islands accommodation

The Aran Islands Hotel have you taken care of when it comes to somewhere to stay. Located on Inis Mor, the hotel has modern and comfortable rooms available, as well as their new addition of cozy chalets which have proven to be extremely popular with guests. Both the hotel rooms and chalets offer fabulous views which truly have to be seen to be believed.  For more info on the hotel and its accommodation, visit

Overhead shot of the Aran Islands hotel!

Cycling around the islands

Quiet possibly the most favoured mode of transport around the islands, cycling is a great way to take in the island’s stunning views and explore its landscape. Bikes are available for hire on each of the islands. In busy months it is often a good idea to book your bikes in advance due to very high demand. Once you have your bikes, you are free to roam the islands and gain a sense of adventure with the wind at your back while you navigate the island’s country roads. For more info, visit

Cycling around the islands!

Experience the beautiful beaches!

Galway has many beautiful beaches to offer visitors, however, arguably the nicest of them all is located on the Aran Islands. Located on Inis Mor, Kilmurvey beach is very popular with tourists and visitors to the islands. Kilmurvey is truly a special place, you will come to realise this as you walk along the shore and go barefoot across the sand. The beach is also a spot for birdwatchers and also has a lifeguard on site during the busy season, making it a safe place to kick back and relax.

Scenic beaches on the Aran Islands

Scenic walks

While some may choose to roam the islands by bike, others choose to do so by foot. While it may take longer this way to take in all the sights, for avid walkers, it’s definitely a great idea! The Islands are one of the most scenic walking locations in the country. Scenic hikes on the islands offer great views of both land and water. While walking on Inis Oirr, be sure to look out for the shipwreck on your walk!


Pony and trap tours!

There are a range of tours available on the Islands from sea tours to different types of tours on land. One being the pony and trap tours. These are very popular with tourists. Pre-booking is available for the tours to ensure you avoid the disappointment of missing out. On the tour you’ll take in the islands magical landscape, sense of old Ireland, famous walls and sites. You can stop off to get a bite to eat or visit a local craft shop.

Aran’s famous pony tours!

Island tours

Aran Offroad Experience offer a unique and different way of getting around the islands, take the road less travelled with the lads while they take you out on their Land Rover Defender which helps you see spots on the island that no other way would. The lads and their defender have proven very popular with tourists. You can find out some more info on

Aran Offroad Experience!