How to get to Inis Mór

Welcome to Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands, a perfect haven for nature lovers and those seeking an escape from the modern world’s pace. Located off the coast of Galway, Ireland, Inis Mór is not just a destination but an experience, especially for those who adore walking and hiking amidst breathtaking landscapes. Choose how to come and visit us.

Certainly! Here’s an updated list including the ferry service from Galway:

1. Ferry from Rossaveal: Travel to Inis Mór via Aran Island Ferries, departing from Rossaveal. For schedules and booking, visit their website

2. Ferry from Galway: Aran Island Ferries also operates services to Inis Mór directly from Galway. Check their website for more details.

3. Ferry from Doolin: Doolin Ferry Co. offers trips to Inis Mór from Doolin. More information can be found here

4. Airplane from Connemara Regional Airport: Aer Arann Islands provides flights to Inis Mór from Connemara Regional Airport. Visit Aer Arann Islands for flight details and booking.

Each option provides a scenic route to Inis Mór, enhancing your travel experience to the island.

Why Two Days are Essential

To fully embrace the beauty of Inis Mór’s walking trails, a two-day stay is crucial. The island offers a variety of walks, each revealing different facets of its stunning landscape and rich cultural heritage.

Day 1: The South of the Island Walk

Is a day trip to the Aran Islands worth it?

The Black Fort

The South of the Island Walk: Duration 3-5 hours

Key Attractions: The Black Fort, The Puffing Holes, Synge’s Chair Viewpoint, Secluded Beaches, St Benins Church, Cliffside Walking

Embark on this journey from Kilronan Village, heading first to the impressive Black Fort, a mere 20-minute walk away. The route guides you south from Kilronan, turning right near the beach by the fishing port, and leading across a narrow part of the island adorned with rocky fields.

Continue towards the captivating Puffing Holes, located at the island’s southern end. This segment of the walk, enveloped in serene isolation, reveals Inis Mór’s raw beauty. The path here is unmarked, encouraging adventurous exploration along the cliffs and fields, where the Atlantic’s mighty waves crash against the rocks.

On your return to Kilronan, you’ll discover three pristine, isolated beaches. The path also leads you past Teaghlach Éinne (St. Enda’s Household), a unique graveyard with a sunken church, adding a dramatic touch to your walk. The route concludes with a climb to Ireland’s smallest church, perched atop a hill, offering both romantic solitude and scenic views over the southern part of the island.

Evening at the Hotel

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Return to Aran Islands Hotel for a relaxing evening. Unwind with well-deserved drinks and freshly prepared food, sharing stories of your day’s discoveries.

Day 2: The Ring of Aran

Kilmurvey Beach

The Ring of Aran Walk: Duration 3-6 hours

Main Attractions: The Worm Hole, Dun Aonghasa, The Lighthouse, Seal Colony, Kilmurvey Beach, Craft Village, Panoramic Views, Cliffside Walk, Standing Stones

Commence your scenic journey at Kilronan Village, heading towards the lush ‘forest of Aran’ near Joe Watties bar – a perfect spot to conclude your walk with traditional music. As you proceed, the mesmerizing Connemara peaks loom across Galway Bay, leading you to the Tempahll Mainistir Monastery, about 30 minutes in.

The walk then guides you to the majestic Dun Aonghasa. En route, marvel at the seal colony near the island’s lake, and shortly after, the beautiful Kilmurvey Beach emerges. Follow the signs to the Craft Village and Dun Aonghasa, an area worth spending an hour exploring.

Venture off the traditional path, descending the cliffs near Dun Aonghasa for a dramatic coastal scene. On a windy day, the ocean waves crash spectacularly against the 300-foot cliffs.

Your journey takes you next to the unique Worm Hole, a natural wonder shaped by the sea. The walk then ascends to the island’s highest point, the Lighthouse, offering breathtaking panoramic views. Finally, weave back through the island roads to return to Kilronan Village.

Three Nights for a Complete Experience

Enjoy a cycle around the Island

While two days cover the main trails, a three-night stay allows you to delve deeper into Inis Mór’s charm, explore local culture, and perhaps even indulge in other activities like cycling or kayaking.

Your Perfect Getaway

Inis Mór offers more than just scenic trails; it’s a retreat from the stresses of modern life. Our hotel provides comfort, exceptional cuisine, and warm hospitality. With its unique landscape and rich history, Inis Mór promises a rejuvenating and memorable experience.

Book Your Stay Now

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the best of Inis Mór. Book your stay with us today for an unforgettable journey of hiking, exploration, and relaxation. Remember to check out our monthly special offers to enhance your visit. We eagerly await your arrival at our little piece of paradise on the Aran Islands