The perfect location for your next Corporate Workshop in Galway

aran islands hotel chalets
In the unique picture-perfect location of the Aran Islands lies a distinct opportunity for corporate workshops. Away from the urban noise and distractions, this unique setting offers an ideal environment for focused, productive gatherings. Join us as we explore the concept of merging business goals with the tranquillity of the Aran Islands, crafting an unparalleled corporate workshop experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Our Workshop Space

Our marquee facing the bay, offers an ideal setting for your corporate retreat on the Aran Islands. Positioned to overlook the stunning bay, this venue provides a spacious and adaptable space for productive meetings, workshops, and team activities. With modern facilities and a focus on practicality, it ensures a balance between business objectives and serene surroundings, creating an optimal environment for a successful corporate event.

Stay fuelled up throughout your stay

Seafood served on Aran Islands Restaurant
We provide two dining solutions, offering both buffet and table service options to cater to the culinary needs of every guest during your stay. We deliver top-quality food. Whether opting for our extensive buffet selections or our refined table service, our goal is to ensure that everyone is well-sustained and satisfied, contributing to a seamless and elevated experience throughout your corporate workshop.

Discover the beauty of Inis Mór

Exploring the island’s sites is the perfect opportunity to invigorate your team amidst nature. Venture out to discover the stunning natural wonders and historical sites scattered across the Inis Mór. The rugged cliffs, ancient ruins, and panoramic coastal views offer a refreshing change of scenery, providing an ideal setting for team bonding and rejuvenation. Engaging in these excursions not only allows for a break from the corporate setting but also fosters a shared experience, encouraging camaraderie and inspiration among your team in the heart of nature’s beauty.


Your Accommodation

Our sea view chalets stand as the best choice for corporate accommodations, perfectly balancing comfort with an inspiring setting. Overlooking the sea, these chalets provide a peaceful backdrop, essential for relaxation and concentration an ideal environment for unwinding after intense work sessions. Thoughtfully designed for comfort and privacy, these accommodations offer a space for your team to recharge and refocus, ensuring a productive and rewarding corporate experience on the Aran Islands.

Aran Islands Hotel on Inis Mór Co. Galway offers the ideal setting for a successful corporate workshop. Get in touch today to explore customised corporate packages for your next successful workshop in this unique environment. Contact us now to begin planning your bespoke corporate retreat.

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