Tucked away on the fringes of the Atlantic, just a stone’s throw from Galway, lies Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands and your next corporate retreat destination. This rugged gem offers more than just breathtaking views; it’s a haven for teams looking to blend work with a dash of adventure.

Galway’s Gateway to Adventure

Setting sail from Galway, the journey to Inis Mór is the first step in an unforgettable team-building experience. The island’s dramatic landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for corporate workshops with a twist, where the wild Atlantic air clears the mind and sparks creativity.

Corporate Workshops with a View

Imagine a corporate workshop where every window frames a vista of untamed beauty, and every break is a chance to breathe in the salty air of the Atlantic. On Inis Mór, we take your typical retreat and infuse it with a unique island flavour, ensuring productivity and team spirit soar.

Team Bonding, Aran-Style

From guided cliff walks that challenge and inspire, to cycling tours that turn teamwork into an adventure, Inis Mór offers a plethora of activities to bring your team closer together. For those seeking a thrill, the island’s landscapes are ripe for exploring, be it through climbing, kayaking, or simply soaking in the panoramic views.

Tailored Retreats for Every Team

At our hotel, the only one on Inis Mór equipped with a full bar and restaurant, we’re seasoned in crafting bespoke retreats that cater to the unique dynamics of your team. Whether it’s a focused corporate workshop, a social gathering, or a special celebration, we’re here to ensure your event is seamless and memorable. Our charming chalets, with their Atlantic vistas, provide the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and reflection after a day of team building.

Feasting and Festivities

After a day filled with activities and workshops, what better way to unwind than with a sumptuous meal? Choose from a lavish buffet or an elegant table service menu, designed to cater to every taste and preference. As the evening rolls in, our bar becomes the heart of camaraderie, offering a cosy spot for your team to share stories and celebrate their achievements.

Seamless Access from Galway and Doolin

Reaching Inis Mór is an adventure in itself, with convenient ferry services from Galway, Rossaveal, and Doolin, and flights from Connemara Regional Airport. Open from March to October, our Corporate rates are exceptional, ensuring your corporate retreat is not just impactful, but also great value.

In summary, Inis Mór transforms the concept of a corporate retreat, blending workshops and team-building activities with the wild charm of the Aran Islands. We invite you to stay with us and discover a unique approach to corporate events, where breathtaking scenery, enriching activities, and unmatched hospitality converge to create an unforgettable experience. Let the spirit of Inis Mór rejuvenate your team, all while enjoying our fantastic food, drinks, and accommodations.